PETITION provides analysis and commentary about restructuring and bankruptcy. We discuss disruption, from the vantage point of the disrupted.


💒New Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing - David's Bridal Inc.💒

😬Biopharma is in Pain😬

💰Hedge Fund Doomsday?💰

📸Flashback: Chapter 11 Filing - Circuit City Stores Inc.📸

💥Sears = Sh*t Show💥

✨A November Filing Frenzy✨

🐔A Conflicts Turducken?🐔


👻Scary Results for Specialty Pharma👻

🌧What to Make of the Credit Cycle🌧

🚧The Ghost of Toys R Us Past Still Haunts🚧

💥Aftershocks Appear Post-Sears💥

⚫️Trouble Continues to Brew in Coal Country⚫️

💥New Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: Sears Holdings Corporation💥

☠️R.I.P. Sears (Finally)?☠️

☠️R.I.P. Sears (Finally)?☠️

💰All Hail Private Equity💰

🔥ATD & Mattress Firm Kick Off Fiery Q4🔥

👦An Unprecedented Win for Toys' Employees?👦

Winter is Coming for Grocers


❄️Winter is Coming for Grocers❄️


🚴 Peloton = Gympocalypse?🚴

☠️Even Captain Marvel Couldn't Save Blockbuster Video. R.I.P.☠️

🌭Short Dick🌭

🤖Tech Wants to Axe Lawyers🤖

💥Clash of Titans: Biglaw vs. PE Direct Lender💥

🎆Lehman + Blockbuster = Anniversary Fever🎆

🚗Will California Jumpstart Electric Vehicles?🚗


😷New Chapter 11 Filing - Verity Health System of California Inc.😷

💥Can Apple & Google Be Disrupted?💥

📱Is Tech in Trouble? Part 2.📱

💣Diebold. Disrupted.💣

💰💥Greed. Is. Good.💥💰

📱Is Tech in Trouble?📱

😴Mattress Firm's Nightmare😴

😷New Chapter 11 & CCAA Bankruptcy Filing - Aralez Pharmaceuticals US Inc.😷

💥Millennials & Post-Millennials are Killing ATMs💥

💍New Chapter 11 Filing - Samuels Jewelers Inc.💍

👗New Chapter 11 Filing - J&M Sales Inc./National Stores Inc.👗

🌮New Chapter 11 Filing - RM Holdco LLC (Real Mex)🌮

📼New Chapter 11 Filing - Brookstone Holdings Corp. 📼

🛋There's Disruption Afoot in the Furniture Space🛋


⚡️Is PG&E in Trouble?⚡️

😬Home Security Company Looks Vulnerable 😬

💥McKinsey Under Siege💥

🍟Casual Dining Continues to = a Hot Mess

👼🏿Victoria's Secret Needs an Angel👼

👟Footwear Startups Help Kick B&M Retailers into BK👟

💥KKR Effectively Tells Bernie Sanders to Pound Sand💥

🔥Amazon is a Beast🔥


💩Will KKR Pay Toys' Severance?💩

🙈Bankruptcy Shrinkage🙈

⚡️Recent IPO Becomes #BustedTech⚡️

👎Tech is Booming. Except...Ed-Tech?👎

💩The Fiction that is Transparency in Bankruptcy💩

💥Aurelius is NOT Litigious, Y'all💥

🖕Another Win for Private Equity🖕

💥The CLO Market is Going Bananas💥


🚗Where's the Auto Distress?🚗

Regional Airlines Face Headwinds

🚲Well-Funded Machines Terrorize Sidewalks 🚲

⚡️“Independent” Directors Under Attack⚡️

🎬🎥Moviepass Falters; Market Chuckles🎬🎥

⓶⓶Is A Fresh Batch of Chapter 22s Coming?⓶⓶

💥Donald Trump is (Still) Great for Bankruptcy💥

📰Disruption Dominos: The McClatchy Company📰


⛽️Oil & Gas is...Back? Baby.⛽️

💵WeWork Taps Cap Markets; People Lose Minds 💵

‼️Pension Crises Abound‼️

🐶 Philips, Petsmart & Petco: "Outlook Negative" 🐶

Bertucci's Holdings Inc. = Bankrupt

🍟Casual Dining is a Hot Mess🍟

The US Postal Service Could Use Bankruptcy

👎Nobody Wants a David's Bridal Dress👎

✌🏾Peace Out Nine West✌🏾

🌑Trouble Brews in Coal Country🌑


Who is Financing Guns (Remington Outdoor)?

👗Busted Narrative: Fast Fashion Falters👗

💰Crowdsourcing Sears' Survival💰

💥Weinstein Buyer Goes Treasure Hunting💥

The Fallacy of "There Must be One" Theory

🍕Only Oprah Can Sell Weight Loss 🍕

😡Private Equity Faces Increasing Headwinds 😡

👞UGGs & E-Comm Trample Birkenstock👞

iHeartMedia 👎, Spotify 👍?


WeWork Invents a New Valuation Methodology

Tops, Toys, Amazon & Owning the Robots

Gibson Brands' Swan Song?

Kodak, KodakCoin, Corruption & Bankruptcy

Misplaced Optimism in Retail

Remington Outdoor Company to File for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Cenveo Inc. = Poster Child for Disruption


Is Digital Media in Trouble?

PETITION provides analysis and commentary about restructuring and bankruptcy. We discuss disruption, from the vantage point of the disrupted.