🔥NEIMAN! A hot mess part 1🔥

⚡️Update: Neiman Marcus⚡️ We’re inching towards Q4 ‘20 and — holy f*ck balls! — this year has been absolutely bat sh*t crazy. Consider everything that has happened already so far: In Q1, we saw a wave of mass tort cases. Many of them “asbestos AF” — yes, asbestos is still a thing — but many others, unfortunately, stemming from decades of inhumane actions by deplorable degenerates in positions of authority (e.g., the Catholic Church and Boy Scout leaders). We also saw a bunch of oil and gas, coal, restaurant and retail bankruptcies. There was a wave of ill-timed grocery bankruptcies (“if only COVID had hit earlier,” likely said some sick motherf*cker somewhere). The most notable chapter 11 filings all took place around Valentine’s Day:

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